Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water (24 x 200ml)

£20.00 inc. VAT

Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water is a low-calorie variant of the award-winning Preium Indian Tonic Water. Made using the same sparkling Staffordshire spring water and botanicals, with half the sugar. This naturally light tonic water unfurls flavours in spirits without masking its profile. The 200ml bottles are perfect for serving up delicious drinks in style.

Inspiration Station

Need some inspo on perfect pairings with your Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water? Curio Wild Coast Gin is a supberb London dry to explore for those who enjoy the dry juniper taste. Blended with fragrant botanicals & hand-foraged rock samphire, this delicately smooth gin pairs perfectly with our award-winning Premium Light Tonic Water.

  • 50ml Curio Wild Coast Gin
  • Top with Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water
  • Add a squeeze of lime
  • Garnish with juniper berries and a slice of lime

Please note we have recently changed our branding to state the word ‘premium’ instead of ‘natural’. New look, fresh perspective, still the same remarkable liquid inside.

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