Franklin & Sons 1886 Soda Water (24 x 150ml)

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Franklin & Sons Soda Water is a specially sourced sparkling mountain water from the Scottish Highlands. First distributed in soda siphons by the Franklin family over 100 years ago. This delicate canned refreshment can be enjoyed on its own and is a perfect ingredient to assemble great cocktails. This product is Gluten Free. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

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Soda Water is an important and versatile ingredient when it comes to adding ‘fizz’ to those elaborate and delicious cocktails everyone loves. It is essential that you find one that offers quality and maintains its effervescence, like the Franklin & Sons 1886 Soda Water.

Try incorporating it into this delicious recipe:

– 30ml Aperol
– 60ml prosecco
– Franklin & Sons 1886 Soda Water
– Garnish with orange peel

Fill a tall wine glass with ice, add the Prosecco, the Franklin & Sons soda water and then the Aperol (or other Orange Liqueur). To finish, garnish with orange peel. To ensure the Aperol does not settle at the bottom, ensure it is added last.

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