be. Cocktails Passion Fruit Martini (12 x 200ml)

£30.00 inc. VAT

In a world full of complications, sometimes you just want to be.  

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Our enticing selection of 8.4% ABV signature cocktails, inspired by the finest experiences life has to offer, redefines the home drinking experience. Combining best-in-class spirits, juices, and ingredients with the convenience of nitro-infused cocktails; bar-quality beverages are delivered effortlessly to your home. Try be. Passionfruit martini exclusively through Good Time In.

Crack open the nitro-infused cocktail can and dive into the delightful blend of premium vodka and tropical passion fruit. Feel the velvety smooth mouthfeel, complemented by the nitro infusion for an indulgent taste journey.

  • Passion Fruit Martini Pre-Mixed Bar quality ready to drink cocktails
  • 12 x 200ml
  • 8.4% ABV



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