Franklin & Sons Brewed Ginger Beer (24 x 200ml)

£17.50 inc. VAT

Franklin & Sons Brewed Ginger Beer is a great British classic. Ginger is botanically brewed for a week with malted barley, extracting the rich flavours of ginger. Immediate spicy warmth gently builds, before a squeeze of zesty lemon balances, creating the ultimate refreshment.

Inspiration Station

The choice of Ginger Beer in a classic Dark & Stormy cocktail can make or break it. Incorporate a high-quality Ginger Beer which has been designed with mixing in mind – like the Franklin & Sons Brewed Ginger Beer, to get the most flavour from your rum cocktail. See for yourself:

  1. 50ml dark rum
  2. 25ml fresh lime juice
  3. Top with Franklin & Sons Brewed Ginger Beer
  4. Garnish with a wedge of lime