Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water (24 x 200ml)

£15.00 inc. VAT


Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water is an award-winning Sicilian Lemon Tonic with sparkling Staffordshire spring water, Sicilian lemons and quinine. The sharpness of the Sicilian lemons and quinine perfectly balance the sweetness of sweet and fruity gins. The high carbonation of this tonic ensures you get the most amount of flavour from your drink.

Contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Inspiration Station

Add a twist to your usual G&T with this perfect pairing. The subtly sweet flavour of raspberries beautifully balances the citrus burst of Sicilian lemons, creating a flavoursome G&T.

  • 50ml Manchester Gin Raspberry Infused
  • Top with Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic
  • Garnish with fresh raspberries

This delicious combination is also available in a ready-to-drink 250ml can that you can purchase here.