Take Tequila Jalapeno Liqueur

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Add some fire to your night with our Jalapeño Liqueur, a tantalizing fusion of heat and sweetness. Using modern production techniques, Take was created to for both tequila enthusiast and non-drinkers alike.

With our packaging inspired by the centuries old tradition of Huichol, we pay homage to our roots, whilst our range of delicious liqueurs, celebrate the vibrancy and colour of modern Mexico. The result, a bright, colourful liquid, bursting with flavour offering a fresh take on tequila.

This exquisite liqueur will elevate your shot experience and bring a subtle fire to your cocktails. At 34% ABV, our spicy jalapeno liqueur packs a flavourful punch, with a hint of fire that makes it a tasty shot, with no salt or lime required. But why stop at shots? A spicy margarita wih Take Jalapeno liqueur is a modern twist on the classic tequila cocktail. The zing of jalapenos coupled with the sourness of lime delivers a sweet, spicy, sour combination that is sure to elevate your margarita game to the next level.


  • Sweet, spicy jalapeno liqueur made using Take tequila blanco
  • Huichol inspired design pays homage to our Mexican roots
  • 34% ABV
  • Perfect as a shot – no salt or lime required!
  • Up your Margarita game with a Take Jalapeno spicy Marg

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