Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water (24 x 150ml)

£17.00 inc. VAT

Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water is a low-calorie variant of the award-winning Premium Indian Tonic Water. Made using the same sparkling Staffordshire spring water and botanicals, with half the sugar. Every ingredient that goes into achieving this quintessential tonic water is natural. No artificial sugar, sweeteners or preservatives are used to deliver its light yet flavoursome nature. The cans make drinking premium G&T’s completely accessible, providing you with the perfect amount to serve up anywhere.

Inspiration Station

Sometimes simplicity is key to unlocking a world of flavour. With this perfect pairing you will be greeted with sweetness from the rhubarb and hints of raspberry, followed by the tang of pink grapefruit citrus.

Give it a try:

  • 50ml Slingsby Rhubarb Gin
  • Top with Franklin & Sons Premium Light Tonic Water
  • Add a squeeze of lime
  • Garnish with a lime wheel and fresh rhubarb
  • Enjoy!

Please note we have recently changed our branding to state the word ‘premium’ instead of ‘natural’. New look, fresh perspective, still the same remarkable liquid inside.

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