Valentine’s Day favourites

Roses are red, so why not make your drinks red for Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day Drinks | Good Time In

Corky’s Sour Cherry Schnapps

Hot shot

Valentine’s cocktail night on the cards? Look no further than getting the Corky’s in, the ideal ingredients for your own cocktail creations. Corky’s Sour Cherry delivers a sour cherry bite but is softened with a sweet and tangy kick… just what you need for Valentine’s Day!

Shake Baby Shake Strawberry Daiquiri

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This one is in the name, our Shake Baby Shake Strawberry Daiquiri Celebration Bottle says exactly what you need to do this Valentine’s Day, just celebrate with whoever you want to! A statement cocktail with strawberry and lime juice and natural flavours shaken with fruit alcohol and white rum to add a little bite.

VK Strawberry & Lime

For the flirts

The flirty VK out of all the flavours… You know the game and you know it well! VK Strawberry & Lime brings out your playful side, especially on Valentine’s Day. So, get your hands on a case of this lightly sparkling alcoholic strawberry and lime-flavoured juice drink. Give this as a gift, or share the lot, the choice is yours. Available in 275ml and 70cl glass bottles, alongside 275ml plastic bottles.

Hooper's Alcoholic Classic Cherryade

Forever ours

A British classic, cherryade. This nostalgic flavour is inspired by the flavours of the pop-man. Our Hooper’s Alcoholic Classic Cherryade is a sparkling alcoholic brew full of mouth-watering cherry flavour. It reminds us of building sandcastles together at the seaside… what about you?