Top Tips For Your First Spa Day

Good Time In | Top tips for your first spa day



You’ve booked your first spa day – you can’t wait to throw on your robe and spend all day lounging around the pool. Bliss. But to maximise the spa day experience, these are the thing you might want to take with you. Notepads at the ready… 

For those with long locks, a hair band is essential. When you aren’t chilling on the loungers, you’ll be hanging out in the jacuzzi or swimming in the heated pool, so to prevent knots, tie it up before you go in. You might also want to pop a mini travel shampoo and conditioner in your bag for when you shower after. Chlorine isn’t your friend.  

Now for the footwear. Most of the time you’ll be barefoot but the floors can get slippery when walking around, so take a pair of flip flops with you or if you want to be extra – a pair of spa slippers. Not every spa will provide these so it’s a safe bet to take your own. 

A few other optional items you might find useful during your first spa day are; a good book to get your teeth into while you enjoy having a day to yourself. Sunglasses are also something you might wish you’d taken if there’s an outdoor space and an SPF if you’ll be heading outdoors in summer. 

And most importantly, remember to relax. Why not make the most of an indulgent day by popping open a shake baby shake cocktail in your favourite flavour.

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Good Time In | Top tips for your first spa day