Franklin & Sons Natural Mallorcan Tonic Water (24 x 200ml)

£17.50 inc. VAT

Taking inspiration from Mallorca – zesty lemon, lime and grapefruit are combined with aromatic rosemary and thyme, to create a flavoursome Mediterranean–style refreshment in the Franklin & Sons Natural Mallorcan Tonic Water. If you prefer a slightly sweeter taste to your tonic water, which at the same time gives you that summer feeling – this ones for you.

Inspiration Station

For a twist on a classic spirit and mixer serve, try a fortified wine with citrus, zesty flavours to pair with the Franklin & Sons Mallorcan Tonic Water. This perfect pairing will deliver a taste of the Mediterranean with each and every sip:

  • 50ml Martini Fiero
  • Top with Franklin & Sons Mallorcan Tonic Water
  • Garnish with a slice of orange

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