Franklin & Sons Cherry & Plum (6 x 75cl)

£10.00 inc. VAT

Franklin & Sons Cherry & Plum is packed full of refreshingly rich cherries, with just a subtle hint of almond that comes from the cherry’s stone. Perfectly balanced by juicy, yet tart plum to deliver low sugar flavour. This larger format is ideal for dinner parties, picnics or simply a quiet night in.

Inspiration Station

This sharing size bottle of Cherry & Plum is perfect for making large batch cocktails, so you can focus on the fun! This Cherry Pie cocktail will be a crowd-pleaser:

(Serves 3)

  1. 75ml vodka
  2. 75ml amaretto
  3. 75ml grenadine
  4. Franklin & Sons Cherry & Plum

In a cocktail shaker with ice, shake together equal parts vodka, amaretto and grenadine. Strain into a mason jar full of ice. Top with Franklin & Sons Cherry & Plum and garnish with a cherry before serving.