6 ways to make this bank holi-nay into a bank holi-yay

Fed up of the same old routine when it comes to staying in? Looking to inject some fun into another bank holiday in lockdown? Well look no further, because we are bringing you the once known ‘good night out’ as the all new Good Time In!

With juggling Zoom calls, date night in the front room whilst living in lounge wear beoming the new normal, we’re all in need of something to lift the mood and for the coming bank holiday, and we have just that!

As well as providing you with a wide variety of delicious beverages to enjoy, we’ve also put together some ideas on how you can make the coming weekend a ‘bank holi-yay’!

Who’s for a festival?

Whilst your back garden may not quite be the infamous fields of Glastonbury, there’s nothing to stop you from hosting your very own festival in place of one you may have had to miss this year.

Pitch up a tent, grab all the sequins and glitter you own, and get belting out Mr Brightside for a festival like no other (minus the wet wipes). Sing along to your favourite tunes or to save the neighbours from despair, grab your headphones and party it out in a silent disco down!

And to fully set the tone, our brand new and delicious VK virtual party packs are available on our website, complete with wristbands, glow sticks, and other great VK merch so you can create that ultimate festival feeling.


With temperatures set to soar this bank holiday weekend, sipping on a delicious cocktail never sounded so good. And when the sun goes down it doesn’t stop there!

As another fun idea for bank holiday, why not create your own cosy outdoor cinema?

Gather a load of pillows and blankets, string up some pretty fairy lights and grab that film you’ve been meaning to watch or even an old classic, and enjoy a cosy outdoor cinema with popcorn in hand and a cocktail in the other!

Visit our online cocktail lounge and shake things up with our ready to drink Passionfruit Martinis and Tropical Daiquiris, or grab some of our ready to serve gin and tonics!

All the rave

With two metre distance raves out of the question, there’s nothing stopping you from raving your way around your very own living room! 

Although it may not have quite the full effect, a virtual approach with your favourite ravers is the closest thing we’re going to get to a real life mosh-pit for now.

Join a Zoom with your best pals, turn off the lights and set the scene with all things strobe in your very own at home rave.

Our fun filled VK Virtual Party Packs are also a great addition. Not only will you receive 24 bottles of your favourite flavoured VK, but a whole load of merch. From glowsticks to brighten up the night to pop sockets to take those smouldering selfies, why not turn up the techno and rave your way through the bank hol.

Queen of theme

With every night an ‘at home with the family night’ at the minute, why not add a bit of much needed humour and host a theme party.

From Superheroes to around the world themed nights, slap on some face paint and a fancy-dress costume for some light hearted fun this weekend.

Grab a case of Amigos, our delicious tequila flavoured beer, and host a night in Mexico!  Dust off your sombrero, make a pinata and cook up a storm in the kitchen with some homemade enchiladas for a night in Mexico you certainly won’t forget.

Virtual fun

With many of us tiring of the same virtual quiz’s week upon week, why not switch up your virtual meetings for bank holiday with a virtual panic room?

A great way to get your brain thinking, and add a little something different to those weekly Zoom calls! You can either download these online for as little as £10, or even have a go at making your own.

Of course, there’s also plenty of other ways to inject some fun into virtual meetings, why not try a fast fashion competition and see who can make the best outfits out of household items like toilet paper or binbags!

Something softer

As much as we all need some fun in our lives right now more than ever, this bank holiday you can also spend simply doing nothing.

Be it that you’ve developed virtual fever, or are just happy to sit in the sun and chill, grabbing an ice-cold beverage and a face mask will do just fine.

Our website also features our range of delicious Franklin and Sons soft drinks and sodas if you’re just looking for a little something to quench your thirst whilst soaking up those rays this weekend.

Although it may not feel all too much like a bank holiday, there are plenty of ways to add some fun to the coming weekend.  

We may be unable to go out for now, so instead let’s stay safe and have a Good Time In!

Our wide selection of drinks are available to order on our website and don’t forget to give us a follow in Insta & Facebook @goodtimeindrinks

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